Dead air the secret world

dead air the secret world

The Solution to the Dead Air Quest / Investigation / Puzzle in Kingsmouth in The Secret World. Dead Air - The Secret World: Quest Name Dead Air Region Solomon Island Zone Kingsmouth Town Quest Giver/Location Ellis Hill at the airport. The Secret World Gameplay: Investigation mission from Ellis Hill at the airport. - Go to the satellite dish. - Then.


Secret World Quest Dead Air Morse code I will always tell you to look at the damn map. Posted by Unfair In GamingQuest GuidesThe Secret World. No cranes are needed, sections are lightweight, and provisional repairs can be carried out without recourse to specialized parts and labour. Cescasa View Profile View Forum Posts. The Secret World mission information Mission type Investigation mission not repeatable Starting zone Kingsmouth Town more Free jasmine by Ellis Hill, Kingsmouth Municipal Airport Where in zoneSteps Edit Tier 1.

Dead air the secret world - ist

Hint Source the components to repair the mast: Up and Coming Sites Gaming Blog Nexus MMO Melting Pot. Bungie's Vision for the Sequel - IGN First. You'll see a plate that says: It is morse code. dead air the secret world


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